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CRL Latam, a dream comes true.

Yes, you have read well, Cream eSports would be representing the spanish-speaking community at the Clash Royale developer company´s Official League!


After all the kind of rumors, inquiries and intrigues which has been hanging around the Latam CRL (Clash Royale League) and the Community concern that European or North American clubs could make a clean sweep on this region slots, we are proud to announce that officially we will be part of the best competition in the world of our beloved eSport.


As a result of the effort, work and dedication to the expansion and promotion of a carefully planned structure, based on a commitment from the beginning for the innate talent that we perceive in LATAM, we managed to gain a space among the giants of eSports which have been seen attracted by the most popular title of the mobile environment.


While there may be people who think that this milestone is the achievement of an objective, not at all, a period of intense work is opening up for our entire organization. In the next weeks, every single Cream´s member will work with more enthusiasm, effort and dedication than ever, but always with the smile on the lips of those who know they are on the right track.


«We always saw and continue to see in Latam a unique and excellent opportunity to develop from a vertical model a powerful eSports club. It is a region where there is an incredible talent and market that we have known well for a long time, equal or better than in other regions, and with many things to develop, so positioning yourself at the beginning gives you a competitive advantage that we would not have in other regions. . The CRL is the result of the constant work we have been doing for a long time; And this is only the beginning» explains Diego Soro, CEO of Cream eSports.


«We are very excited and motivated with this great opportunity. We worked, competed and were constant from the beginning because we always believed in the talent and potential that there is in Latam. Thanks to all players, staff and casters, both those who continue today and those who do not, because to all of them, we have reached this point and now we must continue working and maintaining the essence and personality that has made us grow: work, union and humility on the part of all the team of professionals that make up the club. This is the beginning of a dream that we will want to wake up as late as possible. « explains Daniel Bueno, General Manager of Cream eSports.


Stay tuned in the coming weeks to our social networks, since this is not the last of the ads that we have prepared for you.


Here begins one of the most exciting challenges in the competitive landscape, and we aspire as always to the top!


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